Aims And Goals Of the Booral Community Association Inc

The Booral Community Association is a group of volunteers, members and sponsors that are dedicated as a group to represent, assist and promote the special community of Booral.
The (BCA)., through it’s Committees represents your concerns. This includes representing you, a Booral resident, in matters relating to The Fraser Coast Regional Council and in some cases, the State and Federal Government.
The (BCA). committee is made up of people you can call if you need a snake handler, find out about how, when and where you can have a controlled fire through contact with the East Booral Rural Fire Brigade, a chance to get involved in the issues relating to the beautiful Booral foreshores, parks, wildlife, district infrastructure and anything else affecting the residents of Booral.

If you are proud of Booral, join the (BCA), click here for a membership form MEMBERSHIP FORM and share your thoughts about this unique district with others. Have a say about the future of the district.
Residents wildlife stories and pictures are welcome and may be published in the Booral Bulletin together with any community notices.

The management committee members and sub-committee members look forward to meeting you.
Welcome to Booral.

Founding Committee Members
Note: Management committee members not in residence in Booral during their full term do not get mentioned in this article.

Founder: John Wilson 2003

President: John Wilson 2004 to 2007

Treasurer: Rhonda Wilson from 2003 to 2007

Secretary: John Wilson from 2003 to 2007

Editor and creator of the Booral Bulletin: John Wilson from 2003 to 2007.


Current Committee Members

President:  Lisa Rossini

Vice President:   Michelle van Rooyen

Secretary:   Violet Whitaker

Treasurer:  Linda Udell

Assistant Secretary:  Sarah Udell

Wildlife Officer:  Lisa Rossini

Council Liaison Officer:  Wilma Bancroft

Editor Booral Bulletin:  Violet Whitaker

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